About - ShinyJungleJewellery
After over 25 years of combined experiences working in the fine jewellery industry, at the world famous "London's New Bond Street", we finally decided to launch our own jewellery brand and little online boutique in August 2017!

Everything in our shop is hand-made to the highest quality with the finest materials. The high standards in both products and services we inherited from working for the big-name French and Swiss jewellers gave us a great eye for detail and zero tolerance for imperfections.

Our shop specialises in lab-grown coloured precious and semi-precious stones/simulants, and high quality diamond simulant pieces - conflict free, without the damaging effect that precious stones mining industry is bringing to our planet, as well as the people working in those sometimes dangerous mines, and without the big price tag. They will look just as good as their natural counterparts, and will last a lifetime if you care for them properly. We believe that every person should be able to enjoy beautiful gemstones, especially to celebrate important moments in life.

Do come back for new updates every now and then as we aim to make new designs every month!

Please also check out our instagram for more inspirations! https://www.instagram.com/shinyjunglejewellery/<br />
Happy shopping!

William and Victoria

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